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Unfortunately, Epilepsy is not something we can test for at this time. 
Epilepsy is a serious risk in this breed! 
As a Breeder, we need ways to test for these serious issues. 
But, without the proper research we will never get far enough. 
One of the Foundations we feel very comfortable telling you to donate too is the
AKC Canine Health Foundation.

They are an amazing Foundation trying to help dogs of all breeds!  

This is another reason we want you to be extra cautious giving a LEPTO Vaccination to your GSP dog.  I have seen many GSP dogs have adverse reactions to this Vaccination that then causes Seizure disorders.

Blue Line Gun Dog's Recommends the following:

DO NOT feed any kibble or dog food that has:



The foods we feed and recommend are safe from DCM risk with your dog.  We have now known 3 dogs that have passed away very young from DCM.  All because of feeding a food with Peas and Legumes.  This is PREVENTABLE! 

No dog deserves to die from a severely enlarged heart, leading to congestive heart failure due to a kibble with these ingredients.  

Below are some foods we recommend:

We will continue to add foods to this list.
Do NOT fall for "Fad" Diets!

Do NOT FEED Grain free foods!

Dog's have been fed a basic dog food for years and been just fine!  Let's never forget those old farm dogs we grew up with that lived 15+ years on that corn base dog food kibble!


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