Sheild and Bentley Litter
DOB: 09/28/2020

Below is the Date of Pick Up.

We are going to schedule families one hour apart to go over paperwork and micro-chip information. 

Your name will be filled in to the right of the time as we fill these spots below.

Saturday - November 28th of 2020

11 a.m.

12 (Noon) #2503 (Meadows) - Lvr. Roan Female, Patched and Ticked

1 p.m.: #1950 (Mann) - Black Female, Patched and Ticked

2 p.m. #1470 (Piernicky) - Black Male, Patched and Ticked

3 p.m. #9980 (Van Pelt) - Liver Female, Patched and Ticked


29th of September at 2 p.m. #1113 (Gladding-young) - Black Roan Male


5th of December (2 p.m.) #1760 (Galindo) - Liver Male, Patched and Ticked

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