Blue Line Gun Dogs


Breeder of German Shorthaired Pointers.

Located in Lindsborg Kansas

Keep an eye on our website for future litters and updates.

All of our breeding dogs have been tested for Lupoid Dermatitis (PennGen).

All of our breeding dogs have been tested for CD, EIC, LD, DM and MORE!

You wont find a better pup (Pedigree & Ability) at a better price than this!

We get asked a lot "Why don't you charge more for your puppies?"

Jason's answer:

"Any man, woman or young person with aspirations to enjoy the art of hunting alongside a GSP shouldn't be burdened with outrageous costs to purchase their canine companion. 
My goal is to maintain the accessibility of excellent gun dogs, following in the footsteps of my father. While the option to splurge on a dog exists, you can discover precisely what you desire through one of our puppies.
Given the current state of the economy, this stance feels even more crucial."

"We will always keep Blue Line Gun Dogs affordable." - Jason

Quality Dogs * Exceptional Hunters * Quality Companions

Our dogs are tested for breed specific diseases to ensure proper breeding and to produce healthy, life long puppies for new families.

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We love to use Wisdom Panel for our Genetic Health / Disease testing!

We recommend them to everyone! 

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