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Blue Line Gun Dogs at times takes back in own of their GSP dogs from a past litter.

We know things can happen and don't want any of our dogs to be placed in the shelter/rescue system.  We do our best to find homes for these dogs.


Usually the dogs on this page are not (Normally) good hunting prospects.
Although, many GSP dogs can make wonderful house companions!

Also, In the hands of an experienced gun dog trainer they may overcome many obstacles! 

If you are looking to adopt a GSP dog, please contact me.  I can add you to the list if one becomes available!


Below we have listed some pictures (Links) to Rescue Groups.


"Medical needs dog"

NOT a hunting dog.  Looking for that LOVING PET home!

Solace was born with a rare disorder.  It is called "PRAA".
PRAA is fatal if you opt NOT to do the surgery.

PRAA in short, is an aortic arch (part of the heart) that grows wrong and develops around the dogs esophagus.  Constricting the esophagus and not allowing food and eventually not even liquid down to the dogs stomach.  

The puppy will starve to death or most breeders choose to euthanize the puppy. 

Solace was lucky enough that she had the open heart surgery done so she could have a chance to survive and live!

Solace battled severe pneumonia after the surgery.  Collapsed lung and almost lost her fight.

She is a very special dog. 

Now she is 1 year old and STABLE!

Solace will always have what is called Mega Esophagus now.

Very easy to maintain.  She has trained herself to eat in a "Bailey Chair".

She backs up into it and stays in this elevated chair to eat once a day!

We do not have an adoption fee for Solace!

She still needs work on house training and has a tiny tank!  She is spayed, current on vaccines, de-wormed, chipped and stable and ready to find a goof forever home!

We will keep her as long as it takes to find that perfect family that will give
her the world.  We prefer if this is someone with past ME experience and has already taken care of a dog with ME before!

If you may be interested in her, we highly suggest you take a look at this page:

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