Welcome to our puppy page.  This is where the excitement begins!

We do keep a waiting/contact email list.

If you want to be added to our waiting/contact list for future litters please send us an email.  Letting us know a few things:

Male or Female pup?
Color if you have a strict preference.

Please include your phone number if you do not check your email often.


We only pull puppy buyers from the list in order of initial contact.

Only once we have gone down our entire list will we take interest from the public!

Below are the Available Litters, if any at this current time:

You will be taken to that litters page if you

CLICK on the PICTURE below!

Update as of 11/21/22
We have NO available puppies at this time.

Please view our Planned Litters Page!

All of our Peerless & Bentley pups have been spoken for!
Those can be viewed by the families on our
Facebook page!

Above: Visit our Facebook Page to see more pictures of our dogs!

Below: We buy all of our dog collars and most of our training aids from Gun Dog Supply.

We highly recommend every family that gets a puppy from us enroll in Pet Insurance.

Anything can happen in life.

Your puppy can be hurt or become sick.

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Below you will find a video of one of our past pups.
He went to an amazing family in Colorado!
He is a Shield and Tarby pup!