"Doba von der Blue Line"

One of our foundation dams, Doba is a smaller female that proves you can

 get the job done and not need to be a huge GSP!  

Her range is close in the field and her instinct is strong.  She is a pleaser 

and extremely trainable dog.  She is Intelligent and willing, a strong hunting

 female that never tires. 

Yet in the house she has a great off switch and is a loving and affectionate 

female that just wants to be with her family.  

She is an excellent Dam and amazing mother to her puppies.


Height at shoulder:

Doba has an OFA Hip Certification score of "Good", Elbows "Normal"

Doba has been Genetic tested and is Clear the following Diseases the German Shorthaired Breed can carry and pass to their puppies.  Some being Fatal diseases in this breed!

Below you will find pictures of her puppies!

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