How to REVOKE Limited Status on your GSP Puppy!

Please pay the remainder/ difference FULL Registration price for this puppy.


Include a Money Order made out to "Jason Achilles" in the Amount of $400.

Below you will find a link to the correct AKC form.

Please print off this form.

1st) Fill out the "Fees" Part of the form at the top -or- Make out a check to cover the "Fees".

2nd) Fill out the OWNER information on the second page.
Don't forget to SIGN as the DOG OWNER.

3rd) Copy your current and original AKC Certificate. 

Place the AKC Application to Revoke Limited Status, money order to Jason Achilles ($400) along with the check for fees (If paying with a check) for the AKC and copy of the dogs AKC Certificate all in the same envelope and mail it to us at:

Jason Achilles
1867 Sioux Rd
Lindsborg, KS 67456

Once I receive this envelope, I will fill out the Litter Owner section and mail it to the AKC.

No puppies that have been produced prior the date of Revoked Status can be registered.